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GnomieZ: GEN2 Staking

Stake your GEN2 Gnomiez to earn!


$GNOM Staking

You can stake all GEN2 GnomieZ for $GNOM - GEN2 is the ONLY stakeable NFT

$GNOM will have a LP in which we will look to add via all secondary market royalties + any auctions that are created.

UPDATE Q4'22: The Community has decided GEN2 LP will be used for better use. The LP will have an announced date that it will be removed and moved to the treasury. The token will serve as a governance token from them on.

You can learn more about our governance here.

Initial launch breakdown was as following:
Founders: 5%

CM, Mods, Crew: 5%

Treasury: 20%

Liquidity & Staking Incentives: 70%

Utility will focus on governance


SPL Ecosystem tokens

As we have done with $WOOD and Lumberjack traits, there will be future tokens to be earned ($PUFF, $BOKU) etc. based off trait. 

We feel we want to be unique and provide access to earn more than just our own token and allow people to have exposure to other projects & their tokens.

We have a fun range of traits that make this possible, so scoop up general Gnomiez or scoop up by trait how you please!

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