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GnomieZ GEN1 are one of the few immutable NFT's on Solana & one of the earliest as well. 

We will focus $GNOM on governance of the project, as with shifting meta's it is most important the community leads all efforts.

We held off on governance early on as we established a true community, & now feel ready to move forward letting people who genuinely care about the community lead more.

$GNOM for governance

$GNOM is the official token for governance. Originally created with an LP, we truly feel SPL tokens are best served without an LP & used in true web3 fashion cases such as DAO voting.

You can find the SolScan for $GNOM here. Currently, $GNOM can be accumulated by staking GEN2, but there will be more ways to earn $GNOM in the future.



GnomieDAO is hosted on Realms. You can find the link to access our Realms page here

Within Realms you can find proposals & treasury details. All coming soon!



Voting will be based off $GNOM as mentioned. For any proposals, 51% will be what is needed to pass. All proposals are welcome.


NFT Treasury

There are GnomieZ & NFTs in the treasury on Realms. We encourage the community to be active on decisions for those. 

GNOM (4).png

Let's Work Together

Let's lead this project together in a more decentralized manner.

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