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The OG Collection

GnomieZ GEN1 is your gateway access to all things Gnomie

Join our elite & tight knit community if you're lookin to rock with the OG's of Solana who are here to stay.

Never financial advice, but always fun - from day 1

What is GEN1?

GnomieZ GEN1 launched in October '21 for 0.22 SOL, with a goal of building an organic OG community through fun, pure vibes & a web3 ethos.

There are 2,035 GEN1 GnomieZ in the collection, all fully immutable with no individual having update authority over the collection.

Upon mint conclusion, giveaways were raffled amongst holders. While some may have exited after losing the giveaway, the strongest survived in our community & brand.

To date the community has survived unexpected elements such as the bear market and market collapse, but we still stand strong & active.

For holders, GEN1 will serve as the primary anchor of GnomieZ opportunities unrelated to the token & governance. 

We focus on continuing to build organically & our value prop for partnering projects has become the fact we are a community that has made it this long off pure vibes. When you include the GnomieZ, you're including Solana history.

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