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The OG community of Solana

Learn more about GEN1 & GEN2 here.

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Your go to directory for all things Solana NFT, from Solana's OG community

Who are we?

Gnomiez are an OG community on Solana
Fittingly small in size, our community has
withstood the test of time, bull markets &
bear markets alike

We don't expect much, we have eachother
& representation of our voice through some
pixelated Gnomes

We want a good time, not some financial quick flip

If you're here for a good & long time, looking
for a voice & an OG community, we invite
you to join us. If not, piss off.

Our Team



Gnarl is a co-founder of the Gnarly Gnomies working on the community & partnerships piece. Being involved in this project since the early days of Solana NFT's, a reputable figure with good relationships in the ecosystem!


What are the Gnarly Gnomies?

The Gnarly Gnomies are an active brand & community that has existed on Solana since August 2021.

We have always had the goal of building a community off people purely wanting to be there & get along. Just vibes.

GEN1 GnomieZ is an immutable collection of 2,035 that minted in October 2021. It serves as the staple to the Gnarly Gnomies brand.

 GEN2 GnomieZ focuses on staking for $GNOM, which serves as the governance token & unlocks the ability to submit proposals for the brand.

Where can I purchase Gnomiez?

You can purchase both GEN1 & GEN2 on Magic Eden!

Where can I find out more about the community?

Where can I stake GEN2?

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